MCR Election

Hey everyone, I’m James, MCR Treasurer 2022-23. You may know me from:

  • Keeping my promise to hold the Bursar accountable and ensured the finance presentation, and recently securing us a firm commitment to revisit the exorbitant living-out fees that burden us (highest in Camb!)
  • Co-organising the superformal, pub crawl, welcome punting, etc (the average white dude with balloons at the crawl and the mask of the King at superformal)
  • Generally about college/WhatsApp/Engineering Dept for the last two years!

This year I’m running for President after a year on committee learning how our college works and how it can benefit us all. My plans for change are:

  1. Financial Relief 1: Actually getting something done on our financial strain.
  2. Collaborative Experiences: Getting our formal swap with Somerville (Oxford) in Michaelmas next year. That’s a long story Ellie and I can explain somewhere else, it can be done!
  3. Engaging Local Events: Ensuring at least one “Social Secretary” is living in Swirles to run local events.
  4. Enhancing Privacy: Putting up transparent-sand-blast-looking plastic half-way up the glass walls of the MCR room… to make it less of a fishbowl.
  5. Financial Relief 2: Changing the “hardship” phrasing to something more acceptable to prompt more people to apply for relief.
  6. Safe Commutes: Continuing Ellie’s commitment for more lighting along our commute routes to college.
  7. Improved Facilities: Adding lockable furniture to the MCR room for more equipment storage and hence more equipment (like Yoga mats).

Knowing how to get the ball rolling fast, my immediate actions will be:

  1. Summer Formals: Getting a schedule worked out with our fantastic catering team and ensuring it’s a fun summertime for us all after the JCR depart and MPhils graduate!
  2. Strengthening Representation: Pressing for the MCR Treasurer to sit on council, this would give us one more extremely valuable vote and match us with the JCR now that we’ve almost caught them up in size.
  3. Warm Welcome: Adding a new “Welcoming Officer” role for temporary assignment during late Summer for new students.

As you can see, our fantastic General Secretary 2022-23 is running as Vice-President. Simply put, she’s my running mate, not that these always work like this. Whilst on her final year of her degree Antonia will be an invaluable source of experience for our committee whilst also a partner in organising events for our (now not-so-little) community!

Outside of college, I’ll be a 2nd year PhD student in 2023-24 and will be in my 2nd year as Treasurer for CUHWC. As you’d expect this has involved numerous interactions with various parts of the University already, further benefiting the slow and steady decoding of how Cambridge seems to function. This experience empowers me to navigate the workings of our great institution and advocate effectively on your behalf.

I’m here to listen, answer questions, and welcome your ideas. Reach out to me on WhatsApp, and together we will shape a vibrant and inclusive MCR community that thrives on unity and opportunity!

James, MCR Presidential Candidate for 2023-24